Quanta Images: Blog https://quantaimages.com/blog en-us (c) QI_MGA (Quanta Images) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:25:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:25:00 GMT https://quantaimages.com/img/s/v-12/u6547340-o582047953-50.jpg Quanta Images: Blog https://quantaimages.com/blog 120 120 Jan 20 2018 LA Women's March https://quantaimages.com/blog/2018/2/jan-20-2018-la-womens-march Saturday Jan 20 was the second Woman's March in downtown Los Angeles, and just like the first year, it was a powerful positive experience. LA had an event and 700,000 people showed up.  I went with some barn friends and met some new ones, and we all rode the redline to Pershing Square. The morning speakers were inspirational, although a bit wordy. The crowd started getting anxious and hungry when the familiar LA smells of street meat (hotdogs with bacon and onions and peppers) started wafting through the crowds. We finally headed off towards to City Hall and were once again amazed and amused at the ingenuity and humor depicted in a lot of the signs and posters.  I love that there is a renewed sense of activism and awareness of the travesty that is our current government, and I for one am going to keep it up.

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